Suicide Six All Mountain Challenge February 25

Hey all– details on this weekend and next week will follow soon, but I wanted to go ahead and turn your attention to the weekend of the 25th. Suicide Six in Woodstock is hosting a great event that I think would be of interest to most all MRT skiers. It’s a one run GS race combined with a judged mogul run (snow and moguls permitting).
Event cost is only $15 per participant.
Sibling / Parent Lift Tickets $30 / $35
Registration – 8:15 – 9:00
Course Inspection / Practice Run on Moguls – 9:00 – 10:00
Start – 10:15… Hopefully done by 1:00
I am currently planning to sign up all Mountain Race Team skiers, but would like people to let me know if they are sure they are NOT interested and I will drop those names off the list.
The following day is the final BWL qualifier at Sunapee — again all skiers 2003 and older will be on the start list that day and eligible to race. Our current plan is to invite all MRT skiers who don’t want to race at Sunapee to come to Sunapee for a big mountain day (Can you say TERRAIN PARK?????).
Thanks, Mark

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