Feb Vacation Overview and Revised Schedule

Hey everyone. Welcome to the home stretch of the season. We’ve been incredibly impressed with everyone’s progress, and continued enthusiasm through a less than stellar winter on the snow front. You already saw my note about the last weekend of vacation. Here are the details between now and then. This Saturday and Sunday are both “regular” Skiway days. Meet at 9am in front of the Lodge.

Midweek there is an option to join in to gate training with the J4/5 program. Exact times are still TBD based hill space (planned around the Dartmouth Ski Team schedule), as well as the famous Ford Sayre “sleep late” day. Matt Purcell will post details on that when has it on the F.S. website, and I will try to pass information along as well here. They will likely train Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri. As I wrote previously this will be more like Whaleback midweek training where kids cycle on their own.

As I previously wrote Saturday the 25th will be the Suicide Six event or gate training at the Skiway for kids who are solely focused on the final BWL qualifier. Sunday we’ll all be at Sunapee. Ticket details to follow.

Here’s the revised schedule for the rest of the season

2/18/12 Sat Skiway Meet 9am in Front of the Lodge
2/19/12 Sun Skiway Meet 9am in Front of the Lodge
Vacation Week M-Tu Gate Training Option with J4/5 Times TBD, see FS Website
2/22/12 Wed Loon SL for J4/5
Vacation Week Th/Fri Gate Training Option with J4/5 Times TBD, see FS Website
2/25/12 Sat Suicide 6 All-Mountain Event Almost all MRT Skiers (GS, Bumps, Jumps)
2/26/12 Sun Sunapee Big Mt. or Qual Big Mountain Day (J4/5s racing at Sunapee)
3/3/12 Sat Quechee Race Race for 2003, 2004 skiers/other train at Skiway
3/4/12 Sun Big Mountain Day TBD
3/10/12 Sat off Many families, staff away at BWL
3/11/12 Sun Skiway Scavenger Hunt
3/17/12 Sat Tecnica Winter Finish Race or train Tecnica Winter Finish
3/18/12 Sun Skiway or BMD? (there is race on Worden’s)
3/24/12 Sat Sunapee T-Shirt Race

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