Weekend of Feb. 11-12

Wow! We were extremely impressed with the skiing of all our skiers over this past weekend, from the younger kids who hit the jumps on Worden’s and trained on our dual course to the older kids who carved it up in the first BWL qualifier on Sunday on Thomas. Congratulations one and all!

Our original schedule for this coming weekend had us taking Saturday off and then having kids choose between an all-mountain event at Suicide Six and BWL Qualifier Slalom at Whaleback. Of course things have a changed a little.

The Suicide Six Mountain Challenge has been postponed to Saturday, February 25 in hopes they will have enough snow to actually have bumps. In its place the Devo and MRT coaches are working together to concoct something fun for the Skiway on Sunday (race? bump challenge? stay tuned to find out!)

So, what about the Whaleback BWL qualifier? If you were born in 2003 I recommend that you come join us at the Skiway on Sunday instead of competing at Whaleback. You are welcome to do whatever you wish, as everyone who was on the start list this past Sunday will also be entered at Whaleback. For 2001s and 2002s, unless I spoke to you directly and recommended NOT skiing at Whaleback, we encourage you to give it a try.

For those racing at Whaleback there will be Slalom training session at the Skiway on Saturday February 13 from 9am to 11am (short day) to better prepare you for Sunday.

For the rest of the team, we encourage you to take advantage a rare day off to enjoy the Occom Pond Party, go to the Skiway and watch the Carnival Races, or just sleep late.

Then Sunday we’ll meet the Skiway group in front of the Lodge at 9am, and the Whaleback racers will repeat this past weekend’s program, but at Whaleback instead, meeting the coaches on snow at 8:20am

If anyone wants to find out the results from the past weekend’s race, they can be found at NHARA.org  click children’s racing, and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page.

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