Buddy Werner League Giant Slalom February 5

Hopefully everyone had a good race prep day on Thomas. As everyone out there saw today, the snow is FIRM underneath the sugary top surface, so make sure to sharpen those edges tonight. For anyone new, swing back around and check out my typical race day post. For Sunday’s race here are the key things to know.

While our skiers are already registered, you need to bring your entry fee. $39 in cash or a check made out to Ford Sayre. Registration starts at 7:30am in the Lodge. Registration should be a little smoother than the at Ragged.

We’ll meet at the Winslow lift at 8:15. Wengen racers will meet Mark. Kitzbuhel racers will meet Cornelia. We’ll head up in groups to inspect the course.

Unlike the Ragged race, there will be a new course for the second run, so it is important to stay tuned for updates on second run inspection. The coaches will round up the kids into groups for second run…and we’ll try to make sure everyone has someone to inspect with even if they do not go with the same coach in the afternoon.

The first race run starts at 9:30 and the second will be about an hour after the conclusion of the first.

This race is on Thomas and it is a good race to watch on foot, as a short walk up the hill will get you a good view. Just in case anyone is tempted to drive up the road past the Skiway and try to park closer to the finish line — please know the Skiway management will do everything in their power to prevent you from doing this because the Lyme Police have threatened to detonate any cars parked on Dorchester Road.

Looking forward to a fun day!

About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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