Focus on the Process to Achieve Results

Hey everyone, as we hit mid-season I wanted to share another bit of wisdom from “our team psychologist” Dr. Jim Taylor.

As we move in to more racing, we try make sure the skiers stay focused on the things they can control — primarily their effort, their focus, being in the moment etc… Along those lines at a race I will often ask racers how they skied…but I will almost never ask them how the did. Why?

As Jim writes: “If racers are focused on the result, they’re not focused on the process, that is, what they need to do to ski as fast as they can from the start to the finish. Quite simply, without this “process focus,” there is no possible way for racers to achieve their desired results.”

If your skier stays in the sport, this simple bit of advice will become more and more important in each succeeding year.

Check out the rest of the article.

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