2nd Half of the Season

Wow, despite the severe lack of cooperation from the weather, it’s been a great ski season so far. The kids have come a long way both in their technique and their maturity as skiers. Hopefully the weather will pitch in as well soon. No major changes in the plan or schedule for us, but a few things will get a bit more complicated — at least on the surface.

From here on out our Wengen and Kitzbuhel groups will still split up in similar fashion, but at times I will refer to some skiers as the BWL Group. BWL Group means any and all skiers who are planning to race in the next Buddy Werner League Qualifier (whatever event GS or SL that happens to be). This includes all skiers born in 2002, 2001, 2000, and 1999, plus some of the skiers born in 2003. For the kids who are in the Wengen group who also are part of the BWL Group, they should expect to be with Mark or sometimes Paul Wonsavage for pre-race training, or on race days. The Kitzbuhel skiers will be with their normal set of coaches (primarily Cornelia, Lily, Jillian and the Pauls)

This weekend:

Saturday Feb. 4 – BWL Group will train GS on Thomas with J4/5 group. Younger group will ski a dual brushies race with older Devo kids. This our first “Skiway Cup Challenge.”

Sunday Feb. 5 – BWL Group will race on Thomas. If you have ANY questions about your child and this race or the future races, please email mark@nomadcom.com Racers will meet at the Winslow lift for inspection (most likely at 8:15, but we will reconfirm). Non-racers will meet at the HOLT’S lift at 9am for a regular day of group skiing.

The Future:

Saturday Feb. 11 – Day off for younger skiers and anyone planning to ski in the Suicide Six Mountain Challenge on Sunday. Skiers who are planning to race in the BWL Slalom at Whaleback, will likely have the option to train at the Skiway. This Dartmouth Winter Carnival at the Skiway, and lodge and slopes will be a crowded. If any parents — especially experienced course workers — want to lend an extra hand during carnival, I’d be happy to put you in touch with the Chief of Course, as he looking for a few more good helpers.

Sunday Feb. 12 – Skiers will choose between racing in a BWL Slalom at Whaleback or going to the Suicide Six Mountain Challenge, which consists of a 1-run Giant Slalom and 1-run bumps & jump challenge. We will enter all skiers born 2003 or later in the Suicide Six Event (that means they are “double booked” with Whaleback and can go either way). If your skier is a 2002 or older and wants to go Suicide Six, please drop a note to Mark ASAP.

As we look ahead to February Vacation, we expect to have regular training at the Skiway on February 18 & 19. During the vacation week there will be gate training opportunities most days at the Skiway. We recommend this more the BWL Group than the other skiers. Most days this will be in the morning, but there will likely be one afternoon as a “sleep late day.” These will not be days that we meet in our regular groups, these are more like Whaleback days wherein skiers cycle on their own, and ski on the courses. The final schedule for this will not be set until closer to vacation. Some of the J4/5s will plan to race in a USSA Slalom at Loon on Thursday February 23rd, and we do not expect to have Skiway training that day.

Beyond February, Wengen skiers should also note that we will have a race at Quechee on March 3.

2/4/11 Sat GS Train or Dual Race BWL Group Train, younger do fun dual race
2/5/11 Sun BWL Qual or Group Ski at Skiway BWL Western Division Qualifier
2/11/11 Sat Day off Watch Carnival Races or Do Pond Party
2/12/11 Sun Suicide 6 All-Mountain Event Almost all MRT Skiers (GS, Bumps, Jumps)
or Whaleback BWL Qual Some 2001, 2002 racers
2/18/11 Sat Skiway
2/19/11 Sun Skiway
2/21/11 Tues Gate Training Option Option to join J4/5
2/22/11 Wed Gate Training Option Option to join J4/5
2/23/11 Thurs Loon SL for J4/5
2/24/12 Fri Gate Training Option Option to join J4/5
2/25/12 Sat Skiway Cup Race (tent.) Partial Morning with Group Free-Ski
2/26/12 Sun Sunapee Big Mt. or Qual Big Mountain Day (J4/5s racing at Sunapee)
3/3/11 Sat Quechee Race Younger kids race, older train with 4/5s
3/4/11 Sun Big Mountain Day TBD
3/10/11 Sat off Many families, staff away at BWL
3/11/11 Sun Skiway Scavenger Hunt
3/17/11 Sat Tecnica Winter Finish Race or train Tecnica Winter Finish
3/18/11 Sun Skiway or BMD? (there is race on Worden’s)
3/24/11 Sat Sunapee T-Shirt Race

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