Buddy Werner League (BWL) February 5 Race at the Skiway

Hi Everyone– Wanted to pass on a few schedule updates and specific information about a race coming up next weekend. I will post a second note soon with more general calendar notes, but I wanted to jump to the event that most people are the most curious about.

We have entered all Ford Sayre racers born in 2003 or earlier in Buddy Werner League Giant Slalom on Sunday at the Skiway. This doesn’t mean the racers need to compete, but it gives them the option to. Right now we are assuming all racers born 2002 or later, except a handful with whom I have already spoken, will be competing in at least part of the three race Buddy Werner League Qualification series, and are planning to race on February 5.

You do not need to send in a voucher or sign up on Alpinereg. But you do need to bring the race fee ($39) to registration on Sunday.

One obvious question…why are these called qualifiers? While the qualification part of the equation applies more to older racers, this race is one of three that goes into selecting athletes from the Western part of NH, who are eligible to attend State Championships weekends in March. These three races are:

Western 5-Feb Skiway GS $39 9:30AM
12-Feb Whaleback SL $39 9:30AM
26-Feb Mt. Sunapee GS $39 9:30AM

In this series of races Ford Sayre competes against Sunapee, Whaleback, Lebanon Outing Club, Cardigan, and Blackwater. (The state is divided into 4 divisions). After each division has their first qualifier, the Children’s Racing Committee determines the racer quotas from each age group (J5 Girls, J5 Boys, J4 Girls and J4 Boys).  Kids born in 2003 can enter any of these three races, however they are not eligible to compete at either the Championship of Finals event, and don’t figure in the qualification calculations.

Our division’s quota is based on the number of participants in the divisional qualifiers. Divisional quotas are determined annually on a proportional basis, reflecting individual division size. These quotas will be posted on the NHARA website by Feb. 7th. Divisions qualify athletes to the Finals and Championships on a simple place point results (ties broken externally).

At the completion of the last qualifier at Sunapee, athletes will be invited to either the State Finals, which will be held at Gunstock on March 3rd and 4th or to the State Championships at Cranmore on March 10th and 11th.

Next week I will have more insight in the what the qualification picture looks like, and I’m happy to share that information and/or answer questions.

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