Big Mountain at Burke, Saturday Jan. 21

Hi Everyone– As a I had previously noted we had some concerns about being at the Skiway this coming Saturday, January 21, due to Special Olympics events which have a HUGE impact on the lodge the ability of people to move around at the Skiway.

We have a since made a program wide decision to move our planned Burke Mountain day up by one week — this day includes the J4/5 and Devo programs (It’s optional for Devo, all J4/5/MRT training that day will be at Burke). I will send a reminder note later in the week to fine tune details. But as of a right now, here is the plan. We will meet at outside the lower lodge at Burke at 9am. The current ticket deal at Burke is that pass holders from ANY other mountain can show their pass (at Skier Services) and buy a Burke ticket for $40, so you do not need to RSVP, but I am going to post a survey to give us an idea of how many people plan to come. Depending on numbers we may invite/encourage parents to shadow us to help control lost sheep.

We are also investigating the possibility of going to Cannon Mountain on Saturday the 28th. More details on this will follow later. I have updated the master schedule (which you may have already received — please excuse the typo in it).


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