Ragged Race Details

Hi Everyone—

I few quick updates. Unfortunately, I’m not been able to shake loose a lot of free-lance tuning mentors, but it sounds like most of you have found people help give you guidance or have chosen to go the shop tuning route.

Two times you need to know:

  • Get there by 8am at the LATEST.
  • Be ready to meet the team on snow at 8:30am

Ragged is a great first race for kids because it is on a really easy hill. It’s dual slalom, which means you pretty much follow a very established track going back and forth around gates of the same color. The race course finishes at the bottom of the mountain, in easy view of any family members on foot or on skis.

The specifics for this race are that you should arrive by 8am at the latest to allow time to check in, and get your child’s race bib. Registration is typically in the smaller building on the right as you walk up. There is not a lot of room in this building so it may be easier to register and then go the main lodge (on the left) to get ready) There will be a line at registration, they may ask to see your child’s USSA card.

Instead of tickets you stick on a wicket, Ragged now uses RFID cards (called “Get Ragged Cards”). You will be asked to pay a $5 deposit for this card and your skier’s race bib. You will get this back at the end of the day when you return the bib and the card. They say lost cards will cost you $10 (not sure why they are asking for a $5 deposit then). Assuming these cards are like ones I’ve used at other areas, the racer should put this card INSIDE their race suit (if they are planning to take off a jacket, pants etc…) as you will not be able to get up the lift without it, and sometimes racers are temporarily separated from their outerwear clothing.

Ragged also usually sells family of racer tickets at a reduced rate. Sometimes this is at race registration, sometimes at the ticket window, and sometimes at the skier services desk in the other lodge.

We will meet as a team at 8:30 between the lodge and the finish line, and then we’ll bring the kids up to inspect the course, in preparation for a 10am start. Remember they should still be in warm clothes — not “stripped down” when we meet to check out the courses. Once the race begins they will alternate girls then boys, by age class. (All the J6 girls, then J6 boys, then J5 girls etc…) Kids will ski one course in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Each course will run in bib order – both morning and afternoon, but sometimes kids are missing, so you need to stay on your toes if you are watching.

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