NHARA card clarification

Hi everyone– I may have created a little unnecessary confusion/panic in my big race day memo. The punch line is that you need to have a USSA membership set by the weekend, but a NHARA card IS NOT required for THIS RACE.

The only races that MRT skiers will attend this year where they are REQUIRED to have a NHARA (New Hampshire Alpine Racing Association) membership are the Buddy Werner League qualifiers and Championships. Kids born in 2004 are not eligible for those races. 2003’s and older have the option to attend those races although I don’t know for sure which of you will want to take advantage of that opportunity (I suspect most will attend at least one BWL race).

So the confusion? I do think it is a good thing for all racers to join and support NHARA. The organization makes ski racing in New Hampshire possible (you’ve already used the website), supports coaches education, and trains ski racing officials. It’s almost completely volunteer run, and relies on memberships for support. You can follow the link from the site NHARA.org and sign up via Active.net, or you can print out a form and send it in.

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