Training, Ragged Race, and Ski Tuning

We had a spectacular day of training at the Skiway yesterday, and it sounds like many kids who had been on the fence of whether or not they wanted to race, or were comfortable skiing gates, have caught the bug.

In advance of this Saturday’s race at Ragged I will post some more updates. One will be about what to expect on race day, and what you need to do. Another will be about ski tuning.

I haven’t yet talked to you about ski tuning. Having sharp edges is vital to ski racing success. Ski tuning isn’t complicated, but it does require special tools, and you need to learn some new skills, which are best acquired “hands-on” with someone helping you learn. To that end pairing new parents up with a ski-tuning mentor seems to be the best path to success I have found. If you feel like you are in a position that I could offer you up as a potential ski tuning mentor for a newcomer, please drop me a note at and I will post names in a note later this week. In the ideal world the mentee will meet the mentor at his or her house, bringing refreshments of some sort, and the mentor will provide guidance and support while you tune skis together.


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1 Response to Training, Ragged Race, and Ski Tuning

  1. Marianne Doyle says:

    Thanks for everything you have done, Mark. It’s been a great start!

    We also have a pink fuzzy (Columbia, size 6/7 maybe) that Mark has been carrying around in his car since dry-land training. Zip down. Looking to find the owner in the next week. 643-7147 if it is your’s.



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