Things are also getting going at Whaleback this week. Whaleback training is not a core component of the MRT curriculum but the Whale provides kids hungry for more with an opportunity for some additional gate training during the week. Older kids ski Tues, Wed, Thurs, but younger kids are encouraged to go either Tuesday or Thursday.

Gate training is run by the J4/5 coaches, and MRT skiers, who have signed up for Whaleback training, are welcome to attend. Training starts at 3:30 or soon after and will almost always be on Spout. As with any gate training, kids should check in with the coaches on the hill and start with a course inspection. On the whole most Whaleback days will be slalom, but we will try to post info each week. In general, Whaleback sessions are much less rigidly structured than Skiway training sessions, and kids cycle on their own, riding the lift with friends (with whom they connect in the lodge), rather than in a group. Training finishes by 5:30 and the last run of the day is always a side-slip of the course to clean up the ruts and ready the hill for other skiers.

All skiers on the list below paid the midweek training fee of $50 that covers Ford Sayre staff and equipment at Whaleback for the season. As for getting up the lift, for those of you have Whaleback passes, when you get to Whaleback you will also need to pay the annual training/lane fee. Whaleback assesses this on a per skier basis vs. per team like most other mountains do. Don’t know why. Just how it is. The fee is $80 per racer, per season, check payable to Whaleback. If you have questions on this, email Liz Gray lizgray1@yahoo.com Racers can also just get a daily training ticket (with the lane fee built in). I think this is what most MRT skiers had planned to do.

A few more tips: The lights at the Whale are not quite the wattage of Fenway Park, or even the Hanover High School field. There are dark spots, and we ski during the transition from day to night, so having really clear or really light goggles is important. Experienced skiers will also tell you that the floor in the lodge is slippery when wet….which is most of the time, so please watch your step.

Here is the list of kids (J4 through J6) that have indicated they will be coming to Whaleback at least some times this season – if you are not on this list but would like to be, please email Liz.


Ben Abbatiello
Caitlin Blinkhorn
William Blinkhorn
Sarah Bozuwa
Jack Brendel
Victoria Chernin
Josh Chu
Isla Cotter
Carly Craft
Riley Craft
Lucy Doyle
Ella Edmonds
Malachy Flynn
Noah Glenshaw
Eric Goodney
Seth Gray
Thomas Hackett
James Healy
Elizabeth Joffrey
Pepper Joseph
Margaret Kohl
Charlie Lang
Colter Lingelbach-Pierce
Sadie Lingelbach-Pierce
Jack Loftus
Frans Luttmer
Rose Luttmer
Michael Mackall
Pierre Mayo
Chauncey Morgan
Oliver Morgan
Maisy Pekala
Joey Perras
Alexander Purcell
Colin Rozzi
Kyle Rozzi
Caroline Ruth
Theodore Ruth
Emma Sablan
Sofia Sacerdote
Eva Schiffman
Brian Seltzer
Eric Seltzer
Matthew Siegel
Trevor Siegel
Ellison Stannard
Katherine Stannard
Owen Stannard
Wesley Stocken
Elaine Taylor
Jasmine Tracy
Max Wonsavage

About Ford Sayre

Ford K. Sayre Memorial Ski Council
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