Primary Groups

As we start out the season we plan to divide the Mountain Race Team into two smaller “teams” who will work with sets of primary coaches.  Most days the teams will then break up into small groups of between 5 and 10 skiers, depending on what we are working on.

As a reminder we want your skiers to plan on being ready to ski by 8:45 (that means boots, helmet, ticket, etc….ready to roll) on Skiway days. For now we’ll meet in the lodge first, and then head to the lift together.

While these may change a bit as the season goes on, our two primary group teams are based on a combination of age,  skill level, and preferred social grouping. It would be helpful, but not necessary if you racer knows that he or she will be in the “Wengen” or “Kitzbuhel” group prior to the first day

Team Wengen
Primary Coaches: Lily Perry, Geoff Curtis, Alex Jaccaci, Craig Creelman
Charlie Creelman
Sienna Curtis
Joseph Davis
Courtland Doyle
Camden Dwyer
Forster Goodrich
Daniel Jaccaci
Rose Luttmer
Linus Mayo
Sage McGinley-Smith
Meredith Olenec
Audrey Park
Willa Parkins
Ingrid Pekala
Jackson Potter
Ethan Preis
Camden Reiss
Jack Ross
Wesley Stocken
Anna Testorf
Matt Walsh
Grace Wenger
Maggie Wenger
Madeleine Zuckerman
Team Kitzbuhel
Primary Coaches: Cornelia Purcell, Paul Wonsavage, Sarah Vargo
Edward Creelman
Lucy Doyle
Sarah Dunbar
Felix Estes
Coyote Farrell
Jane Goodrich
Maeve Goodrich
Molly Hackett
Mary Hazlitt
Elizabeth Joffrey
Walt Jones
Pepper Joseph
Dylan Kotlowitz
Kennedy Lange
Maisy Pekala
Liz Rightmire
Ethan Ross
Teddy Ruth
Emma Juliet Sablan
Trevor Siegel
Ellie Stannard
Katie Stannard
Owen Stannard
Tessa Stewart
Jasmine Tracy
Shannon Walsh

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