Race Entries for Mountain Race Skiers (J6, J5, J4)

We expect most if, not all, MRT kids to have their first race of the year at the Cote Open at Ragged Mountain on January 14. And it is one of the few races this year, that we will need you to go ahead register your skier for. After that the coaches will enter the racers in any and all races that we recommend between then and mid-March. For those later races you will pay the registration fee (if needed) at the event.

Then in March there are two other events we recommend for most kids, that you will need to sign your children up for. The Tecnica Winter Finish at the Skiway on March 17 and the Sunapee T-Shirt Dual Slalom the following weekend.

To register for the Cote, Tecnica Winter Finish or T-shirt Race, your child needs to be a member of USSA, and you need their membership number in hand. There are two ways to submit entries.

The most popular way is to do it online at AlpineReg.com AlpineReg charges an 8% service fee for each registration, but it’s easy to do from any computer. Just go to the main site. Click on the NHARA button, then select the races you want by location.

The alternative “old school” way works just as well for anyone who wants to support the U.S. Postal Service or to save a few bucks. You can download this entry form, fill it out, then print it and mail it in with a check to the address that appears under Race Contacts on NHARA.org for the corresponding race.

Please note, you can register your child for these events and then decide to cancel at the later date (at least three full days before the race). If you sent in your entry by mail it will be fully refunded. If you registered via AlpineReg the race fee will be refunded, but the service fee will not.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me directly mark@nomadcom.com

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