MRT Curriculum and Races

At the parent night I handed a slightly different version of this chart.

MRT Curriculum and Races

It’s designed to show you what we see different kids in this program doing over the course of this winter. The last column is also a comparison to what kids are doing at the next step. You’ll see that some things (in green) are what we expect someone on a given track to do, and others (in yellow) are optional.

On the chart, “Base” program means your child is ready for skiing challenges, unsure about racing, and wants just wants to dip his or her toes in this year. That said, the “Race Interested” columns probably applies to most kids in the program.  If you find your child’s year-of-birth, and pick on of those two categories you’ll see a winter plan for them. And if you haven’t already touched base with as where your child fits in that spectrum, after dryland on Sunday could be a good time.

Thanks,  Mark

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