Great first dryland. See you at the Skiway this weekend.

Hey Everyone–

That was a great first session yesterday. All the kids worked really hard. Hopefully they were tired last night, and this morning they are aware of a muscle or two they didn’t previously realize they had. We started with warm-up jog over to Oak Hill. Then stretched out before doing a 300 foot vertical speed hike straight up the old J-bar line. After that we split up did some agility work with human slaloms down the ski slopes and trails. On the way back to the school we mixed in different strength and quickness exercises (and in some cases some interval work). Then Mark ran them through a leg strength routine (and the coaches helped them with their tucks), and Cornelia lead core strength. (I’m getting tired just writing this). We finished with a “cool down” game of ski soccer.

This Sunday we’ll be at the Skiway. Same time, more details to follow. I will also send an email to the list this week — but you only get stuff like this if you are on the blog…so thanks for subscribing.

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1 Response to Great first dryland. See you at the Skiway this weekend.

  1. Geoff Curtis says:

    Mark, look forward to being there, will be wearing orange!


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