Should my child move up from Devo to MRT?

Has (s)he done two years of Devo?

Does (s)he enjoy skiing and want to do more?

Would (s)he benefit from a multi-day camp over the holidays?

Would (s)he like to do some more big mountain days?

Is (s)he interested in exploring racing?

The plan for the Mountain Race Team is for it to be a step up from Devo, with more opportunities, more challenges, and more options. We’ll expect a slightly higher level of personal responsibility from the kids, but they’ll still have a primary group, and ski with their coaches about 95% of the time (there will be a few opportunities for warm-up free runs, and some times we ask the kids to something on their own).  It will be a longer day. 9am to 1pm, and there will be a 4-day Xmas camp to get the kids solidly on their skis. We will also offer dryland (2-3 Sunday afternoons in November — as much team building as fitness building) and a variety of opportunities to ski at other mountains (again most likely on Sundays) from Thanksgiving weekend until the Skiway opens.

Once we hit the main part of winter, we will also have 4-5 Big Mountain Days (Burke, Cannon, Sugarbush etc…) as well as fun races at the Skiway, and options to travel to races. Almost every weekend from mid-January on there will be an option to travel to a bigger mountain (and bring the family) or go to a race or other event. You are not required to go to any of those, but in the case of the Big Mountain Days there usually will not be an alternative activity at the Skiway.

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